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Once upon a time, Claire De Lunacy was my personal blog; a sort of knockabout place where I could post my thoughts on whatever had my dander up that week. Then I became a full-time writer, and realized I needed a “real” website. Fast forward two years, and that little blog has become the mothership from which I manage my various creative endeavors, including:

Copywriting and Editing

I’ve been in the freelance game for a few years now, and I take pride in helping my clients build a strong brand online. I specialize in exceptional online content that’s SEO-friendly, well-researched, and written in the voice your audience wants to hear, in addition to short fiction and poetry. If you’re in the market for editing, I can provide both copyedits and full content editing services for your onsite content, literature (including both scholarly work and fiction), or articles/white papers/eBooks etc. Please have a look at my Hire Me! page for more information.

Fiction and Poetry

I write a lot of poetry and fiction, including novels of varying propriety under a SUPER SECRET PEN NAME that shall not be revealed here. If you’re a fan of my work under my own name, I invite you to check out the Fiction and Poetry page for the latest updates on current and upcoming releases. I’m also open to collaboration on a variety of projects, so if you’re an artist looking for a writer or an author looking for a co-author, get in touch.

Snoop-Bloggy Blogging

I didn’t stop blogging just because I started writing just about everything else. I still blog about trans* issues, LGBT rights, food, things I find insane, and, of course, books and writing. Check out my blog for opinions, excerpts, and stuff I probably shouldn’t put on the Internet.

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