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OSI: “Obsession”

I’m once again participating in the fun that is One Single Impression. If you enjoy poetry and awesomeness of various stripes,check it out,won’t you?

The prompt this week at One Single Impression is “Obsession,” and while I was tempted to write a poem about overpriced perfume and the commercials it inspires, I instead turned my attention to writing a poem about one of MY personal obsessions. Since this is a category rich in variety and splendor, I had some difficulty winnowing the possibilities. Would it be language? Art? Hello Kitty? She Who Must Not Be Named, But is Always in My Thoughts? Mesoamerica? Wombats?

As I said, a difficult winnowing.

Ultimately, however, I discovered a topic I thought might serve not only as a proper response to this week’s prompt, but as a bit of levity to balance out the heavier issues my blog has addressed of late. So, without further ado, I give you:


In your secret heart
Where you squirrel away truths
Too big, too fierce, too…


To confront head-on,
You know the cake is a lie;
that parsecs measure

Distance, and not time

You know the sad truth
of Rule 34; of reboots,
of remakes and (sigh)

“Special Editions.”

You plotted, cajoled
with the cunning of Richelieu
to snatch an invite

To Pottermore;

You bemoan the loss
of Bombadil to Jackson’s
(ahem) “Artistic vision,”

Don’t get you started
On the sins of Michael Bay
(for they are many).

You have launched more “‘ships”
Than sweet Helen ever dreamed;
Rachel/Quinn, Sherlock/Watson

(And let’s not forget
all that Xena/Gabrielle
fanfic, you sly boots!)

You’ve memorized the
damage done to gnolls  by your
Fiery bastard sword

(not counting Combat Advantage)

And though the cries of
“Nerd!” “Geek!” “What the hell is LARP?”
Sometimes sting your soul

(and you find their lack of faith…disturbing)

You rise above their
petty recriminations
on Firefly wings

Taking grim comfort
in ironclad certainty

That strange women laying in ponds
is no basis for a system of government;
That  no one goes in against a Sicilian when
death is on the line;
And, perhaps most importantly of all:

Han shot first.

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  1. …certainty is a good thing to hold onto….

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