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Avast, Me Hearties!

YAR! Click here for some pirate terminology, ye scurvy dog!
YAR! Click here for some pirate terminology, ye scurvy dog!

Hoist the mizzenmast! Swab the deck! Festoon the hamsters!

OK, not that last one.

Yar, but it surely do be the day for talkin’ like a pirate, so it be. By the bones of Neptune, ’tis a fine day for it!

Yes, my friends, it is officially Talk Like a Pirate day! Let the clarion call go forth to e’ery corner of the kingdom! Let the eyepatches be taken from storage and the parrots hastily affixed to shoulders with alarmingly permanent epoxies! Let the limping, swearing and generally unacceptable behavior I exhibit every other day of the year be affirmed and supported on this happiest of days!

YAR, I say. YAR!

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  1. Sra SraNo Gravatar

    Shiver me timbers! Me bosses be obsessed with ye olde pirate life, yargh, ‘specially that Pirates of the Caribbean collecting enthusiast down in the dungeons thar. But alas, there be no monsters here except meself and the other secy. Yargh! No one to speak pirate with ‘cept me olde imaginary talking parrot.

  2. Its a good thing there isn’t an “Act Like a Pirate Day.” There’d be a massive increase in rapin’, plunderin’, and murderin’. And people trying to imitate Jack Sparrow.

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