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Blood Ties: Daddy’s Little Girl

Well, I did it. And all it took was a few years of dragging my soul across the keyboard and seeing what would stick.

I’ve been a writer for a long time. As some of you know, I wrote my first story and bound it into a book before I even started school, and it set my Garanimals-clad self on a path that’s shaped my entire life. Writing is a form of magic, I think, because it lets us take the worlds we keep inside ourselves and make them real for others.

That’s what I hope to do with my very first novel published under my name. Blood Ties is (to borrow a phrase from my friend Mari) an urban punk noir, set in a near-future Earth that’s underpopulated by humans but still chock full of technology, magic, and mystery.

Part one, subtitled “Daddy’s Little Girl,” introduces Cuicatl “Cat” Cruz, a professional “problem solver” with an unconventional pedigree and a penchant for taking down nasties in exchange for a fat paycheck. Our heroine is contracted by Melissa Tarkington, a woman with her own mysterious past, to wreak vengeance upon Tarkington’s father. Which would normally be no big deal, but this particular papa has a private army, a mountain stronghold, and a worrisome obsession with conquering what’s left of humanity with his collection of weapons and toys.

Along the way, Cat’s going to have to face up to a few daddy issues of her own, and try to hold onto her humanity as she struggles against a madman. Add in surly skinchangers, a feckless apprentice with more smarts than sense, a mischevious Welshman, and a 200-year-old sidekick who’s having trouble keeping himself together, and you’ve got a recipe for adventure, intrigue, and questionable adherence to health and safety requirements.

“Blood Ties: Daddy’s Little Girl” is available NOW on Smashwords and Amazon. As I said, it’s just the first part of a four-part, serialized novel, but I hope you’ll nab a copy for yourself and set sail with Cat on an adventure that’s not quite like anything you’ve seen before.

Join us, won’t you? I’ll save you some saurian jerky.

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  1. Hey, Fred!

    In the works! Got sidetracked by illness and a few other issues in 2016, but we’re back on track for this year! 😀

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