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Category: Cunning Linguist

Cunning Linguist: Let’s Talk World Building

Everyone, I think, who’s ever put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in pursuit of sharing a story they’ve created has encountered a problem I call “Gelida Mundi.”

No, it’s not a new frozen treat from Häagen-Dazs (although I would totally buy something with this name. GET ON IT, FAKE DANES!).

CUNNING LINGUIST: Prisoners of Language

CUNNING LINGUIST FOR JUNE 11th, 2013 It occurs to me this morning that the source of most of humanity’s problems—all the “isms” with which we…

CUNNING LINGUIST: THE FUTURE OF MAGIC (and some gratuitous Emma Watson pics)

CUNNING LINGUIST—JUNE 6th, 2013: Consider, if you will, a time far in the future, when English (having enjoyed a long and turbulent reign as the…

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