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Death Storm 2009: Storm Harder™

This is your roving reporter, La Barceloneta, reporting from the snowy wastes of Ohio. Death Storm 2009: Storm Harder™ has left us chilled to the bone and huddled in our homes against the wrath of Khione, goddess of snow and Britney-style parenting.

Also, I needed to update my blog and slapping up some photos is the easiest way to do so.

Let’s go back to the studio for some footage of this cataclysmic example of winter weather happening during winter. Those of you with children may want to ask them to leave the room (presumably to go read about what happens every freaking year due to a seasonal climate so they don’t start flipping out when mysterious white powder falls from the sky).

Outside Casa Claire (North)
Outside Casa Claire (North)
From Casa Claire (South)
From Casa Claire (South)
Lola's View from her Bay of Seclusion
Lola's View from her Bay of Seclusion
Some slight accumulation occurred.
Some slight accumulation occurred.

All in all, those of us in the Miami Valley got off pretty easy. The ice that plagued (and continues to plague) the southeastern region of the country missed us almost entirely, and while we were slip-slidin’ away on the roads, at least we still have power – proof that even in times of extremely minor inconvenience, there is a silver lining if one is willing to look.

Back to you in the studio, Chip!

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  1. Sra SraNo Gravatar

    This is precisely why I wish to move to a place that doesn’t have winter.

  2. sov sovNo Gravatar

    That doesn’t look too awful bad. We got 50+ inches the other night.

    At the ski resorts.

    I like the snow. Part of the reason I’m balking at the idea of moving to Henderson is the fact that there won’t be snow there in the winter. I’d really miss it. Winter just isn’t winter without some snow, y’know?

  3. Winter is not winter without snow! It is Autumn, only pissed off.

    I’m a big believer in balance. We need winter to appreciate summer, and vice versa. Ditto for Spring and Autumn, although Autumn is the best of seasons in my opinion.

  4. But all things are relative, Claire. In NC it gets much hotter in the summer than it does by you, so we still have winter without snow, and we appreciate all of it just fine. 😉

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