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Fiction and Poetry

In addition to my copywriting efforts for clients over the years, I’ve also written quite a lot of fiction and poetry. I’m primarily focused on short fiction and free verse, but I’ve been known to whip up a sonnet, choka, or haiku as dictated by the voices in my head.

I’m kidding, of course. I don’t have voices in my head, just a group of very rambunctious, possibly drunk, monkeys.

You can find my books at all your favorite eBook retailers!


Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate: Selected Poems by Claire Monserrat Jackson
Click here to learn more about my book of poetry.

Exchange Rate can be found on both Amazon and Smashwords. Wondering what you’re in for? Check out the official description:

Gentleman robbers take flight, devils are redeemed, and old gods try to keep up with the latest trends in this collection of light, dark, and romantic verse. A mother and daughter are in the same room, separated by an uncrossable ocean; a man from Memphis turns the tables on the Father of Lies; a lone (and lonely) assassin contemplates her future and her past; and sirens and pizza exercise an equally magnetic pull on the souls of mere mortals.

All the negotiations we make with others—and ourselves—come into play, and love may be out of reach…but it’s never off the table.

Blood Ties

My most ambitious literary effort to date, a serialized novel called Blood Ties, features my favorite character ever to escape my brain, Cat Cruz. Part one was published in August 2015 on both and, as well as a variety of other eBook retailers.

Blood Ties by Claire Monserrat Jackson

Making a living in the twenty-third century ruins of America can be murder.

The world has grown darker in the wake of the Malthusian War, and humanity finds itself sharing the planet with all the fairy stories, myths, and abandoned gods they once pushed into the shadows. But even in a world where people are outnumbered by things that go bump in the night, it’s not hard to find somebody who wants someone else dead—or people who need killing.

Cat Cruz is accustomed to solving other people’s problems—permanently. She’s been doing it for a long, long time. But when a furious young woman with a patricidal axe to grind comes calling one rainy afternoon, Cat soon finds herself embroiled in a case that’ll take more than a quick wit—and a fast draw—to resolve.

Facing off against Georges Silver—a power-hungry madman with a penchant for tapping into the forces of magic and mystery—Cat will need all of her considerable talents to get the job done. Her target has wealth, weaponry, and a worldwide reach on his side, and while Cat has a few aces up her shadowy sleeve, this case might just be her last.

With help from her young board-man Danny and her friend Tommy O’Shea, Cat is forced to navigate a complex web of bloody betrayal, confront her own family’s dark past, and hold onto her humanity as she fights to avert Silver’s plan to conquer what’s left of humanity.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this 20,000-word novella is part one of a four-part, serialized novel. Look for Part Two, coming Summer 2017!

Absolute Power: Tales of Queer Villainy

Absolute Power: Tales of Queen Villainy!

I wrote a Cat Cruz story, “Absolution,” for this amazing anthology of queer fiction. Lots of villainous vamps and larcenous ladies up to no good! Definitely check it out if you love action, adventure, sci-fi and fantasy.



Check out the blog to read some excerpts—and feel free to check out some of my short fiction and poetry while you’re at it.

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