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Your audience has an insatiable appetite for information, products, and services. And when it comes to growing your business online, you can’t afford to offer them the stack dry toast that’s better known as the hard sell. Your audience is dining at an all-they-can-eat content buffet, and that means you’ve got to serve up Web copy that’s tasty, attractive, and nutritious to compete. In other words, you need copy that compels, entertains, informs, and converts if you want customers coming back for seconds.

(Wearing a hairnet is, in this case, optional.)

Give Your Brand—or your Book—a Boost

Your brand is the backbone of your business. It’s not just your logo, or your advertising, or even your guiding principles. It’s the essence of your company, and it shines through in everything you do and say. It’s my firm belief that outstanding copy can help you build a strong brand that speaks to your audience and encourages the connections that turn into conversions.

For authors, your book is your brand. I’m happy to work with you to nail down the tone, content, and style your masterpiece deserves. We can collaborate, or I can ghostwrite in the style and voice your audience wants to hear.

I also offer editing services, including both standard copyediting (spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.) and full content editing (flow, narrative, consistency, voice, etc.).

My copywriting services include:

Blog Posts
Infographic Introductions
Onsite Content
Press Releases

My literary writing services include:

Contract pieces for anthologies and other collections

My Ghostwriting Package—known as The Spirit is Willing…—begins with an initial consult and outline/source material session, followed by a sample chapter and review. Once the author has approved the sample, we will stay in regular contact, using pre-determined benchmarks based on the length, content, and market for the book. This is a truly personalized experience, designed to tell your story in the voice you want your readers to hear.

My editing services include copyediting and full content editing for:

Onsite content
Literary content
Articles, White Papers, eBooks, etc.

My primary and most popular editing service is my In-Depth Editing Package. With this service, I work directly with authors to polish their manuscripts with in-depth, “full-contact editing.” Instead of traditional editing or endless notes, I provide in-situ edits authors can accept or reject at their discretion, and four hour-long, one-on-one chat sessions to discuss your manuscript, answer questions, or iron out details.

I have, when working with authors, helped them slim heavy manuscripts into fighting trim, and added additional character development, phrasing, and continuity for others who have great ideas but needed a little more “meat on the bone.” Like my Ghostwriting Package, this is a one-on-one, collaborative experience that’s focused on helping you transform your great manuscript into an outstanding one.

Additional Services:

Blog Management*
Social Media Content and Management**

Your audience craves content that speaks to them, and you deserve copy that showcases your brand and helps attract the people you want as followers, fans, and—when it’s all said and done—customers. It’s my goal to make sure you, and your audience, are happy.

Don’t see something you need? Drop me a line and we’ll have a chat about how we can work together.

Want to see samples of my work? Check out my profile on, visit my blog, or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to provide a few samples.

*A note about blog management: this is a pre-paid, ongoing service that allows you to purchase a month’s worth of posts (usually one a week), complete with title, meta description, and, if desired, a featured image. Blog management is very effective in building a strong archive of content in a consistent and relevant tone that speaks to the needs and interests of your audience.

**A note about Social Media Content and Management: This service includes the creation and scheduled posting of social media updates across the social networks of your choosing. This service may also include social media monitoring for responses, but does not include social media strategy or planning.

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