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In Which Our Heroine Enters The Fashion Industry

That's right, I actually spent time designing this.
That's right, I actually spent time designing this.

And by “fashion industry,” I of course mean “the novelty t-shirt business.”

That’s right, faithful readers! You can now get a brand-spankin’ new t-shirt emblazoned with my NEW design, “Tweetar®.” Some pals and I came up with this one day a few weeks back, and I decided what the world needs is another shirt, one that teaches as well as entertains.

Because I’m cool like that.

Oh, and also because I need filthy lucre to finance my other, more ambitious projects.

Do you appreciate the Awesome? Do you speak or at least appreciate Español? Do you have some spare cash you’d just spend on candy or lottery tickets anyway, you undisciplined mook?

Well, then, why not blow it on one of my awesome t-shirts instead?

Stop by today, and you’ll be conjugating Tweetar® along with the best of ’em in no time!

[The preceding was a paid announcement. No warranty given or implied, although if I see you wearing my shirt I WILL give you a hug and dance around in a circle, so probably best to keep a jacket with you at all times.]
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  1. sov sovNo Gravatar

    If I wore this, people would think I talk the Mexican!

  2. @Sov Oh, Redhead, you are a veritable font of hilarity. Actually, I might pay to see that scene play out.

  3. Sra SraNo Gravatar

    Cute. If I were into either tweeting or Spanish, I would totally get one. And if I had spare cash to spend on tshirts.

  4. I’d wear one, but it’s not daft enough to cut it in China.

    Now if it had something rude in English on it, then I’d get one…

    Or if it had a picture of someone sticking a prize winning leek up the Pope’s bum.

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