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In Which Our Heroine Politely Requests That You Help Her Make Awesome Stuff

So here’s the thing, kids.

The above video is linked to my page; the project is my first novel, “La Barceloneta.” It’s a project that’s been in the works for ages now, and what I need is a good six months to sit down and turn my outline into the first of five novels I hope will compose my magnum opus: Songs of Circe.

Why Kickstarter? Why am I begging you for money, instead of going out and getting “a real job,” or knocking over a bank, or pretending to be a Nigerian prince and taking money from old ladies and the terminally stupid?

Because I believe in patronage and the power of collective endeavor.

Because I’m dedicated to my craft, and truly believe that our obligation in this world is to be not merely takers, but makers.

Because I already have THREE jobs, and I’m still not making ends meet.

Because some of history’s greatest works of art and literature have come into being at the behest of those who have the cash and through the labors of those who have the talent.

But mostly because I believe in this book. I believe in myself, as an artist, and have the audacity to ask that you do so as well.

This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly; after all, I am asking you to invest in me and my scribbling. I am asking you to trust me with the awesome responsibility of being worthy of the faith you’ve placed in me, and with the equally daunting task of producing something that brings a little thought-provoking joy and light to the world.

I’ve said it before (hell, I say it in the video): I’m a writer. Down to my bones. It’s the thing I can’t stop doing. And while I will happily write on old napkins and walls and the skins of animals I have killed for survival while living under a bridge, I’d much rather write “La Barceloneta” and publish it in a manner that will be read by you, my dear hordelings, and the wide world (rather than, say, the other hoboes and the sentient rats who escaped from a government facility).

Whatever you can give, it’s appreciated. We’ve got six weeks, and we’re already 7 percent of the way there! This project is a personal and exciting one for me, and like most things in life, it’ll be even better if I can share it.

My Kickstarter Page has the full details, and a small plot synopsis. Check it out. Watch the video. Make fun of me for being unable to pronounce “slots” in a family-friendly way.

And yeah, please help if you can. Every little bit, every dollar, helps.

Even more importantly, SPREAD THE WORD. There are those who fall outside the Faithful Horde’s confines, and we must bring them into the fold. After all, once I take over the world, I’m going to need to know their sizes for the jumpsuits.


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  1. Anyone that has the audacity to record themselves and refer to their book as “entitled” is a poor writer at best trying to cover their lack of talent with “big words” they don’t understand how to use.

  2. Thanks for your visit, Jessie.

    I do my level best to avoid feeding trolls, but your post does provide me with an excellent opportunity to remind my readers that one should use “who” with humans and animals, rather than “that” (the latter being reserved for inanimate objects), e.g. “It is a poor writer who spends his or her time shitting on the work of others when he or she could be creating something positive.”

    Thank you for your contribution, and good luck!


  3. Let me tell you first, that I’m not a troll.

    Years ago I was applying for my first job out of college with a large publisher. I had worked several internships in the industry and was excited to make a connection in what I hoped would be my career. Then I received an email back from someone in human resources that pointed out a typo in my resume. I was devastated, but also thankful that I wouldn’t be sending that same resume out again. I had several friends and my mentor proof my resume first. I wrote the woman in HR back and thanked her, letting her know that I was thankful for her honesty and while I was sure that I ruined my chances there, I knew that the person lucky enough to get the job would be joining a great team that was kind enough to point out errors so that they did not happen again. And because I handled myself professionally with someone, I was told to correct the mistake and submit my application again. And after a long process I was awarded a job with a top-notch publishing house. I was told that the way I handled the criticism was what made me stand out from the crowd.

    And since I’ve worked for this large publishing house I’ve given “talent” the same chance I was afforded. Kickstarter is a great way for me to connect with talent and see how they will handle the editing process. Sorry that you chose the wrong path.

  4. Jessie, I’m not quite certain what your intention was in coming here. Are you some kind of publishing fairy, flitting about to test the literary and linguistic merit of would-be authors? Am I meant to be filled with regret and fear because I chose, by your lights, “the wrong path?” Are you in the habit of making sweeping assumptions about, and moral judgments on, complete strangers?

    If a magical rose appears and starts shedding petals when I get home tonight, I’m going to be very chagrined.

    I certainly don’t wish you ill, and I can appreciate the notion of a helping hand (otherwise, why would I be using Kickstarter?), but pointing out my use of “entitled” (which, according to your friend and his, Noah Webster, may certainly be employed to mean “having a certain title”) as an error seems petty at best and (to call the proverbial spade a spade) trollish at worst. Criticism is indeed an essential part of the writing process, but only when it contributes positively to that process.

    As I said, good luck to you in all you do. I am happy (to the extent that one may be happy for a complete stranger) that you have had good fortune in your friends and career. May you continue to enjoy both for decades to come.


  5. I’m paid to make sweeping assumptions about writers.

    Kickstarter is a great program, but most of the projects, several worthy ones are never fully funded. Unless you know enough of the “right” people, the entire purpose is to appeal to someone looking to find the right people and projects in which to invest. Talent scouts of all type use the site often to seek out the best things and you give your website as the only place to comment on your project without making a donation or leaving a full name (which I never do).

    I have no ill-will against self-published books, but rarely will you find any of them on the shelves of stores like Barnes & Noble and never on their front tables. In that way, if I find interesting projects and if people respond to the type of criticism they may receive in the editing process in the right way, yes, I have served as a book fairy of sorts.

    My purpose in further responding was to let you know for the future that you never know where that “fairy” may be and it’s best to respond in a way that always lets someone know that you are open to discussion about your work and that you believe you can learn from any and all critiques.

    There are book and philanthropic “fairy” sorts everywhere.

    And I caution you that I’ve worked for as an employee and intern for the top three publishing houses in the nation. All three have editors and scouts that throw every manuscript that arrives with a query letter that uses “entitled” to describe the title of their book in the reject pile. Webster or not, you may want to consider that for the future.

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