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Join the Faithful Horde on Patreon!

I’m so excited to share my Patreon story with you.

Working as a professional writer has been my dream since I was old enough to hold a pencil. And while I have achieved that dream and established myself as both a content professional and a published author and poet, I’ve always found myself struggling to make enough time to work on both my professional writing commitments and my fiction and poetry.

I’ve published all over the Web, and written several books, but my biggest, and most ambitious, project is a series of novels about my reluctant heroine Cuicatl “Cat” Cruz and her struggle to find her place in a world that’s a near-future funhouse mirror of our own. Cat has a growing stable of fans who often ask me about her, and as her creator I feel the onus to share her stories with the world keenly.

So when Patreon came along, offering the intriguing possibility of funding my creative endeavors through old-school patronage, I had to take a chance.

I’m on Patreon because it makes supporting artists and creators easy and affordable for fans, and gives creators much-needed support to create without fear of living in abject poverty or diverting their time and talents into less productive pursuits.

The Patreon video I’ve shared here provides a good overview of the whole process, but I invite you to check out my page and find out how your contributions can help me create new books, stories, poems and more while sharing some pretty cool rewards with you!

Patreon is better, in my humble opinion, than something like Kickstarter, because it lets you choose your contribution over time and also helps your money go farther. If you want a custom poem one month, but are cool with just checking out the chat and reading the weekly chapter the next, YOU CAN DO THAT!

You give a little, and it helps me create a lot. Simple, right?

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