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Let’s Have a Chat.

Hey there, cats and kittens!

Well, Sunday is the big day – the first live episode (and subsequent podcast) of Claire De Lunacy, my weekly call-in show and nonsense-palooza.

The show starts at 5PM on Sunday, May 2nd and lasts for approximately an hour. If you miss the show, I’ll be uploading the podcast version later this week.

Want to listen in and maybe pipe in with your 2 cents? Use the info below to call into the show.

Claire De Lunacy Call Center (also known as my conferencing bot and online router dealimabob):


Conference Code: 488329

NOTA BENE: This is NOT a toll-free number. So, if you don’t have free nights and weekends on your cell phone or a VOIP plan, you might want to wait until the podcast to hear the show !! Don’t go racking up a bunch of phone bills and then end up as a hobo, eating beans in between skirmishes with those damned Pinkertons.

Also, when you call in, you’ll have to “raise your hand” if you want to share in the conversation. You can do this by pressing *5, which will make a lovely little interrogation mark appear next to your name on my control panel.

Depending on the call load, a little patience may be required…but hang in there, I will do my level best to make sure anyone who wants to be heard on a given topic has their say.

(Assuming you all fit within the hour, that is).

In case you missed my earlier post, here are the topics we’ll be covering in our premiere episode!

1) The hubbub surrounding Israel Luna’s odious “transploitation” film “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives.”

2) Clash of the Smitin’s: Unnecessary Remakes and Why They Suck.

3) And speaking of Things That Should Not Be™, a whole new slew of, er, Things That Should Not Be™ (got a nomination? SEND IT TO ME…NAO!)

4) LGBTidbits™ (Those of you familiar with my Twitter feed will recognize this topic. Everyone else, just be prepared to discuss the week’s LGBT news. Well, I mean, not SUPER prepared. There won’t be a quiz or anything.)

5) The Super-Fun Book Club of Fun-ness™ returns! Our book for the month of May is “American Lion,” a very compelling biography of Andrew Jackson by Jon Meachem (you don’t have to read the entire book for the first podcast, we’ll be discussing it in general and also you get to sit and listen to me explain how the SFBCOF™ works…I know, I know – does the fun ever START?)

6) Random Review: NetFlix for the Wii Or, as I like to call it, “My television’s desperate final ploy to remain relevant to my existence.” (as ploys go, it’s surprisingly effective)

7) SPECIAL BONUS TOPIC!  CASTING: UR DOIN IT WRONG We’ll be discussing how remakes SHOULD be cast, as well as remakes we’d like to see, and a whole bunch of other nerdy stuff that will make the non-nerdy among you (should you exist) throw up your hands and say “But I LIKE Matthew McCan’tActy as Dirk Pitt!

Finally, remember that this is our premier episode, and also that I am involved – a sure-fire way of ensuring wackiness and/or a trip to the burn unit will result.

I’m looking forward to our first chat, Horde – I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.*

*Assuming we help someone escape the Nazis and nobody forgets their letters of transit.

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