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NEW BOOK: Consider the Avocado

Avocado. That’s a fun word. It’s actually from the Nahuatl word for “testicle,” and while that has all sorts of implications we shall examine in more depth via poetry, my interest in this heavy-stoned artifact—this coelacanth of the woods, if you will—lies in other directions.

See, I published another collection of poetry this year.

It’s called Consider the Avocado, and it’s the result of a random discussion I had with a friend about the strange way humans have of putting things to use for our own greedy little purposes even if they’ve outlived their original ones. It’s also the fruit (if you will) of about a year of processing a few things that have deeply altered my life—the end of a serious romantic relationship, changes in my health, and the inevitable considerations that accompany growing older as a cantankerous Hispanic transgender lesbian in a country that idolizes heterosexual, cisgender, white youthfulness. That’s just how I work.

Pain (and assorted premium meats and cheeses) go in, and poems come out.

There’s also a poem with a cockney squirrel in there, so it’s not all bad, eh, guv?

The book’s an Amazon exclusive while I tinker with the manuscript for actual physical publication (Patreon backers get a digital copy FREE for being so awesome). In the meantime, I’m also working on the back end of Blood Ties (to bring to a close that seemingly endless cliffhanger of a tale) and some new stuff I think you’ll really enjoy—including a pair of kids’ books that have been in the works for a few years but are gorgeously illustrated (and I cannot WAIT to share the artist with you all. She is amazing and has brought these books to life in a way I am incredibly excited to share with readers).

And in the interim, there’s always something crazy going on over at my Instagram, whether it’s my latest gaming obsession or the poem of the week (more or less; some weeks are longer than others, and I’m not keen on saying “poem of the fortnight.” Maybe I need to use a new unit, like Scaramuccis.) I’m also FINALLY sorted enough to start pushing regular content to my Patreon, so thank you to all the patient folks who are supporting me and believing in me despite the obvious fact that I am a crazy person.

Onward, to awesomeness!

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