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OSI: “Hidden in the Chaff”

I’m once again participating in the fun that is One Single Impression. If you enjoy poetry and awesomeness of various stripes,check it out,won’t you?

The prompt this week over at One Single Impression is “Wheat;” this, unlike most prompts I’ve found there, left me at a loss – after all, what can be said about the white grain that hasn’t been said by celiac sufferers? But, after mulling it over, I sent a message down to the monkeys who dwell in the basement of The Brain, and they sent this bit of fun up the dumbwaiter. So, without further ado, I give you:



Swiftly came the blade,
A quicksilver lightning bolt
Parting air and grain.

Harvester of Hearts,
Be kind as you visit my
Ill-tended furrows.

Cut deep, to the root
Do not leave in that dark soil
Fragile shoots of hope.

Spread across scorched earth
The diamond-shavings of salt
Ground coarse and bitter.

Let the crows hold sway;
Let them congregate in fell,
garrulous murders.

I am no farmer,
no scarecrow, no warden of
the abundant earth.

My orchard lies north;
In the mountains of my mind
The sweetest fruit grows.

Harvester of Hearts,
take this tender grain,
This poor offering.

Use your finest sieve;
capture what soft wheat you may,
hidden in the chaff.

I am no farmer;
No prophet, delivering
Sermons on the Mount

Yet these kernels, ground
exceedingly fine and slow
Hold hidden promise.

In their pale white flesh
lies an infinity of

Each paperwhite grain
Is a singularity
In the sable sky;

Compact and waiting
To explode into wildfire;
into life; into love.

Harvester of Hearts,
I give unto you what grace lies
hidden within me.

I give unto you
Not the sweet fruits of the north
But these wilted stalks,

Hoping you will find
the gift of my foolish heart
Hidden in the chaff.

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  1. Very interesting poem I love they way it flows. Great imagery and words. Nice write.


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