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OSI: “Trembling”

OK, so it’s been awhile since I’ve added anything here at Claire De Lunacy. Moving to my dream town, sorting out this whole “writing for a living” thing, and primaveral ennui  have been in cahoots, pushing me to neglect my blog. But that’s all over now, and with the spring comes new content to Claire De Lunacy, starting with a new poem, prompted by the fine folks over at One Single Impression.

Like many of my poems, this is written for someone who may never read it (she’s not a big reader), and if she did, might never realize that it’s she alone who touches flame to tinder in the furnace of my tiny charcoal heart (although I should think by now she has an inkling; then again, that may be blind hope). But that is neither here nor there; without further ado, I give you:



It is a small thing,
this minor perturbation,
this arrhythmic blip.

A single drop of
sun-warmed honey dissolving
In my yerba mate.

But when I see you,
When your nut-brown eyes alight
Upon mine of bark

My heart, it leaps up
In a way Wordsworth, were he
both alive, and me,

Might ascribe not to
a distant God, nor to a
vain prismatic arc,

But to the thunder
that comes with rain’s gentle kiss;
the conflagration that begins life
in a spark and a hiss;
the fly who learns too late
something grave is amiss

When it feels upon the taut lines
of ensnaring, silverine web

A trembling.


For Her.
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  1. Thanks, Shelly! I hope that is a GOOD “Wow.” 😀

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