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OSI: Underground

I’m once again participating in the fun that is One Single Impression. If you enjoy poetry and awesomeness of various stripes,check it out,won’t you?

The prompt this week over at One Single Impression is “Underground.” I had to mull this one over for awhile, because there’s an odd synthesis of mycological information and Rush Limbaugh’s most recent foolishness that’s been percolating and recombining in my noggin of late, and I thought for a bit that there might be a poem (a “fruiting body,” as the mycologists would have it) in the confluence of the two. Ultimately, however, I decided to come at the prompt from a different, slightly more mythological (and, let us hope, slightly more humorous) angle.



“Allegory’s fine,”
says the girl, brushing one stray
golden hair aside,

“For dusty old men,
writing dusty old books in
dustier old rooms;”

(She pauses here to flick
an imaginary bit
of dust from her gown,

Leaf-green gossamer
in a cut both achingly
fresh and yet ancient

(“Vintage” being a
term deployed with irony
in her sphere of friends.).)

“But as a mode of
thematic expression, it’s
you know, SO over.”

Her handmaidens, each
bedecked in dewy raiment,
nod sagely, each one

Nibbling ambrosia
(The organic kind, only
found in certain shops,

The ones that are not,
to their knowledge, guilty
of being mainstream).

“I was underground
before it was cool, you know?
So screw the hipsters.”

Five pairs of glasses
(plain, non-prescription, of course)
Nod in firm accord.

 Watching their mistress
help herself to another
pomegranate seed.

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  1. This is very funny! I loved your poem.
    “nod sagely, each one/Nibbling ambrosia/(The organic kind, only
    found in certain shops,/The ones that are not,/to their knowledge, guilty/of being mainstream).”
    Wonderful and refreshing!
    Best, M.

  2. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! 😀

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