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OSI: “Weed”

I’m once again participating in the fun that is One Single Impression. If you enjoy poetry and awesomeness of various stripes,check it out,won’t you?

The prompt this week over at One Single Impression is “Weed.” Now, since I live in Yellow Springs, many of you will no doubt (erroneously) assume that this will be a study of mistress Mary Jane. However, as usual, the monkeys who live in the basement of my brain have sent up something on the dumbwaiter that is only tangentially-related to the matter ostensibly at hand. To wit:


She stands on the lawn,
Arms akimbo, eyes narrowed
behind cat’s eye frames.

I hear her mutter, frowning.
“Not good, not at all.”

She takes out a pad
and begins to scribble notes
“Scritch, scritch” grates her pen.

My girlfriend and I stand
watching this scratchy woman
with her scratchy pen

Transcribing her
scratchy, Palmer-method thoughts
Into a moleskin

For what seems like hours.
A single drop of Spring sweat
Skates down my neck

Tracing a cool line,
A lazy river on the
map of my broad back;

I feel Venessa
growing restive, her body
humming with boredom

Pale mint eyes meet mine,
And her grin is a pink scythe
Ready to mow down

This garden; this town;
This broad-hatted dowager
From the HOA.

“Some people eat them,”
I venture, nodding at the
spray of yellow blooms.

“It’s the leaf that made
The French call it “lion’s tooth,”
I append lamely.

The pen stops at last,
and under the broad hat, but
over cat’s eye frames,

Scratchy McScowlface
Examines me, gimlet-eyed;
And I see in her

Pruney countenance
My classification as
Not a flower, but

A weed.

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