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Write-a-Thon, Day 22: OSI – “Preponderance”

In addition to the Clarion Write-a-Thon, I’m also participating once again in the fun that is One Single Impression. If you enjoy poetry and awesomeness (and I know you do), why not pay them a visit?

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The prompt this week over at One Single Impression is “Preponderance,” a word that is wonderful in both its euphony and meaning. Although it is often deployed to convey the idea of great quantities of something, it’s meant to convey (from about 1733 onward) the idea of superior or overwhelming forces or numbers (etymologically, the word is formed from the Latin prefix prae,(a variant of per, meaning “beyond”) and ponderare, “to weigh.” This slight but significant difference is critical to proper usage; after all, there’s quite a difference between facing an army that is merely “large” and an army that dwarfs one’s own. I think that, as we navigate the various stages of inter- and intrapersonal conflict in this life, we are often outnumbered by the things we must overcome in order to find happiness, fulfillment, or even a little peace. With all this in mind, I give you:


Bitter is the wind
Skirling across this boneyard
with sharp teeth of frost.

I marshaled my forces,
Knowing even as I did
I was outnumbered.

Years into this war,
I remain uncertain if I’m
Cyrus or Pyrrhus

Uncertain if I’m
on the cusp of triumph or
a crushing defeat.

Outrageous fortune
cannot alone account for
the slings and arrows

Laying siege to my
beleaguered heart, my weary
and secretive soul.

On and on and on
I advance; you retreat, then
resurge like the sea.

Eroding my hopes,
Inundating me with your
Terrible beauty.

Waging a war of
Reverse attrition from your
Adamant tower.

Grimly repelling
My determined attempts to
Surrender my heart

Your preponderance
of facile indifference,
of insecure fear

More than a match for
the ragtag forces of a
fool’s adoration

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  1. Indifference is a tough one. Your words are exquisite.

  2. A beautiful poem on survival and defeat…:-)

    ….of feelings untold yet expressed!

  3. leo leoNo Gravatar

    a lovely take.. untold feeligns..

  4. burrrr, …”the sharp teeth of frost…” is a great image and opening stanza…

  5. Thank you ALL for stopping by my little blog, and for the wonderful comments as well! 😀

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